About us

About us

Our role is to challenge, inspire and support change in order to transform services through improved information sharing across the public sector. We work with a variety of local places, across a range of policy areas to help uncover and understand what is limiting good information sharing between them and their partners. Challenging culture is at the heart of our work. We recognise that you can have the best policies and databases in place, but without the right culture and mind-set, these will only take you so far.

By working closely on the ground, we are able to support local places in identifying the barriers to the flow of information within their partnerships. We are then in a position to capture the learning and share this with other places that are facing the same issues. Through this way of working, our ultimate aspiration is for information sharing to move from being a simple shift in language to a total shift in the working practices of public service providers.

How do we do this?
We are funded by both central government departments and local places. We also work closely with a range of agencies such as the Local Government Association (LGA), the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and the Information Governance Alliance (IGA).

We support local places when they feel they are ready to work with us, and are willing to take guidance from a wider body of evidence than the policy area they are operating within. Our engagement work ranges from co-locating with a team so we can support their information sharing journey, to meeting key partnering organisations so we can understand how they have overcome challenges. We then reflect learning back to key players to support the identification of what is limiting their approach so that solutions can be developed, or practices re-shaped, to unblock the flow of information. By developing case studies, blogs, articles, training and guidance, we disseminate what we have learned to help others overcome similar issues, and through national liaison, we share this learning to influence policy nationally. Our organisational model means that we are in a privileged position to provide an impartial point of view in order to affect change at all levels.

Our academics
We have been working closely with academics from a number of universities to explore how academic thinking can support work with local places on challenging barriers to information sharing. To read more about our academics and their work and the seminars they hold, please visit our academic's page.

Meet the team
Steering the information sharing ship is the Centre’s captain (our director) Stephen Curtis. Stephen's assistant is Jane Brennan who always makes sure he is on the right ship (or train!)

Stephen has a motley crew behind him which includes two  teams at the Centre; the engagement team (overseen by Nicola Underdown and Claire Everitt) who work with local areas across England to help uncover and understand what is limiting good information sharing between them and their partners, and the dissemination team (managed by Holly Bremner) who work to capture the learning and good practice from local areas, and through a range of channels share this with relevant audiences to help them address and overcome similar issues. Last but not least Joanna Huxton is our national liaison manager and it is Joanna who uses all the learning and good practice gathered on the ground to inform central government departments, and influence national policy.

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Stephen Curtis
Nicola Underdown
Head of Engagement
View Nicola's profile (currently on maternity leave)
Claire Everitt
Head of Engagement
Holly Bremner
Head of Communications
Stuart Bolton
Engagement Manager
Emma Hart
Engagement Manager
Imogen Heywood
Engagement Manager
Joanna Huxton
National Liaison Manager
Mark Newcombe
Engagement Manager
Damion Nickerson
Engagement Manager
Anita Saigal
Engagement Manager
Gurpreet Sarai
Engagement Manager
Jane Brennan
Personal Assistant
Jessica Sharp
Communications Manager
Nathaniel Aust
Communications Manager

At the moment we don't have any opportunities to join the team.