Nicola Underdown, Head of Engagement

Nicola is currently on maternity leave, any queries for Nicola should be directed to Claire Everitt (please use our contact us page).

Nicola’s role is to lead relationships with a range of local places, government departments, agencies and others, in order to shape effective information sharing support. This involves developing a deep understanding of the policy or local drivers of service reform, then using the lens of better information sharing to develop and implement programmes of cultural transformation.

Nicola was instrumental to the set up of the Centre, having been part of the Improving Information Sharing and Management project, which provided the evidence base to support the establishment of the Centre.

Prior to the Centre, Nicola led a national organisation for regional researchers, and was part of the team responsible for collaboration across the ten universities in the East Midlands. She has worked as an economic and regional policy adviser in Canada, and had a spell in academia. Nicola is also a visiting fellow at Newcastle University’s business school.