How we work

We support local places when they feel they are ready to work with us, and are willing to take guidance from a wider body of evidence than the policy area they are operating within.

Our engagement work ranges from co-locating with a team so we can support their information sharing journey, to meeting key partnering organisations so we can understand how they have overcome challenges.

We then reflect learning back to key players to support the identification of what is limiting their approach so that solutions can be developed, or practices re-shaped, to unblock the flow of information.

By developing case studies, blogs, articles, training and guidance, we disseminate what we have learned to help others overcome similar issues, and through national liaison, we share this learning to influence policy nationally.

Our organisational model means that we are in a privileged position to provide an impartial point of view in order to affect change at all levels.

Our three teams

The Engagement team works remotely with local areas across England to help uncover and understand what is limiting good information sharing between them and their partners.

The Dissemination team works to capture the learning and good practice from local areas, and through a range of channels, shares this with relevant audiences to help them address and overcome similar issues.

The National Liaison team uses the learning and good practice gathered on the ground to inform central government departments, and influence national policy.