EASI Does it

Yesterday we held our first EASI Practitioner Development day in Bradford. EASI is a project delivered by Bradford University School of Management and funded by the ESRC , IISaM and Bradford Council. 

Practitioners from a range of different agencies across Bradford District came together to discuss information sharing in practice and more importantly explore the differences in different agency and professional approaches.

The day started with exploring the different influences on the way in which we all make decisions in our working lives. In particular the group were asked to think about how they may have different identities that align with their profession, their organisation or service, these identities may not always align and may compete but they will affect the way in which decisions about sharing information are made. 

In the afternoon the group were given a scenario to consider and were asked to think about the information sharing that could take place and what could have happened earlier. Differences in approaches were discussed and one key theme that came out was the way in which complex issues can go unnoticed because individual and seemingly isolated incidents do not meet thresholds for intervention or may be addressed by a single agency but are not shared with other interested parties. 

Over the time that I have been involved in IISaM I have come to realise that the sharing of information never fails to stimulate discussion, and yesterday was no different, participants were fully engaged in the process and there is always value in bringing different agencies together. One suggestion from the group was that the next session should include a focus on intervention thresholds so participants can gain a fuller picture. As early intervention is increasingly the focus of service redesign, gaining this broader understanding across practitioner boundaries will be important including a better understanding of why information may or may not be shared. 

The next event in Bradford will be on the 16th of May and has the promise of being an extremely stimulating, practical and valuable session.