Francis Maude launches Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing

17 October 2014

Francis Maude officially launched the Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing – a new organisation that will work to support the delivery of better services for people in local places.

Speaking at an event held at Admiralty House in London on 15 October 2014 and attended by key policy makers from across government, the Minister for Cabinet Office and Paymaster General said: “We need more collective confidence to share information, and the prize in terms of our ability to improve lives is huge.”

The Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing has been set up with the support of four government departments – Department for Communities and Local Government, Home Office, Department for Work and Pensions and the Department of Health – to help identify barriers and develop practical solutions for improving information sharing.

The transformation of public services is already seeing local places explore new ways of delivering services, but information sharing remains a barrier for many in achieving this.

The Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing will be working with a range of local places across a variety of policy themes – from early intervention through to domestic violence.  The team will work with local places to help understand what limits information sharing and how these barriers can be overcome. Learning will then be reflected back and shared more widely for other places to develop their own approaches.

Mark Fisher, Chair of the Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing Steering Group, said:  “The Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing is a critical part of the infrastructure needed to join up public services, like health and the police.  In practical terms, for example, better information sharing will see the police officer attending a call out at three in the morning to a person who is self-harming, gaining the appropriate support for that person by taking a lead from the mental health practitioner, who is also in attendance in the triage car.

“When you think of information sharing, it is most likely big databases pop into your mind – but that is not the only solution – it is about developing the right ways of working and nurturing collaborative organisational cultures to bring services and practitioners, that have historically had brick walls between them, together to create better outcomes for people – which is exactly what the Centre of Excellence will be doing.”

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