Hanging on the telephone

Louise WellsLouise Wells, Dissemination Co-ordinator
Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing

How many times have you been left hanging on the telephone? When you are trying to speak to someone or deal with an issue, how many times do you have to repeat your story or situation to yet another person? All too often, these are the experiences of front-line workers across public service agencies who are trying to improve outcomes for their clients and service users.

Communication and dissemination is a vital part of the work associated with information sharing across services and agencies. Our dissemination team is looking at these issues as part of our first national campaign, What’s your #InfoStory?, in conjunction with Better Local Services Month during November.

The stories we’ve gathered so far about information sharing have revealed a range of uncertainties, including: Who do I talk to? How many times do I have to repeat myself? Which service is going to help me? The purpose of our campaign is to use real stories to bring these issues to life, and support an understanding of the information sharing work that is happening, or the work that needs to happen, across local areas to transform services.

We will also disseminate the stories of real life experiences that you send us throughout November to key policy makers and a range of service providers. Equally importantly, we’ll also use them to show what services and agencies are doing to stop fellow services and people from being left hanging on the telephone.

There are a number of case studies available on the Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing website, that show the innovative work happening to transform services and local places through better information sharing.

We are currently working on developing case studies and workshops in Cornwall as part of its Living Well Pioneer Programme, which is fundamentally about listening to the individual’s story and tailoring services to meet their need.

Partners in Cornwall want to begin having conversations with local people to ensure that their story is listened to, because if you are left “hanging on the telephone” and you don’t through, then so many things can go wrong.

Do you have an anecdote or real story about information sharing? Email us or join the conversation using #InfoStory