Happy New Year!

Stephen CurtisStephen Curtis, Director
Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing

Happy New Year! We’re really excited about the challenges ahead of us in 2015. The beginning of a new year is always a time for reflection and making personal commitments to change. We all know how hard this can be and the same can be true with work. You quickly get into the day to day routine and find that time has disappeared, and little has changed.

The stories on our website show where information sharing has helped to support the transformation of services. Examples include sharing information between mental health and police services in the Leicester triage car; sharing information to help make better and faster decisions about families; and supporting older people through sharing information between GPs, hospitals and other care organisations such as Age UK.

Thinking about new year resolutions brings to mind a common thread through all these stories and that is the personal drive and commitment to make the changes. In all these cases, there was a recognition that change was needed in order to make life better for the people they are supporting. A personal commitment was made by some key individuals who wanted to help make this change happen, and information sharing was an important part of that commitment. Without better sharing of information these service improvements would not have been made.

The point is, no one else is going to come along to solve information sharing for you. Everyone has a part to play. Front-line services are particularly important, and others who provide support services also play a key part in understanding and helping front-line services to make the changes needed. And we need to engage with people who use services, about what it means for them.

So read our stories – what are YOU going to do this year to help improve information sharing to deliver better services for the benefit of the people we serve?