Keep calm and carry on

Blogpost by John L Curtis

Well, time has moved quickly in the most recent phase of the improving information sharing and management project, with our period of national dissemination almost at its end.

All our IISaM regional events have now successfully taken place and Tuesday 18th June was the last meeting of the project’s board in its current format. Needless to say you maybe worrying, but Keep Calm…. IISaM is carrying on, but in a different format.

Overall the board and team have been key to the success of the project and as the project manager, project governance, like information governance is something which you should do from the start.

Sometimes it is often that short cuts are taken due to time or resource, but If you get it right from the start then you know you will more than likely will be able to deliver: keep calm and carry on!

Get it wrong or too late and you may have some interesting risks and issues.

From a project perspective IISaM had a number of key deliverables, which through the support and input from a range of people were met (find out more in next week’s blog).

The next stage for IISaM will be exciting with its positioning into the Public Services Transformation Network (IISaM working group member, and member of the network Stephen Curtis previously blogged about this here: I will look forward to hearing how things have moved forward and progressed.

Its amazing to think overall what has been delivered in such a short timescale, such as the toolkit and website. This will be maintained and as such continue to flourish so you can keep calm.

As an Information Management professional I think it’s so important we ensure the information governance processes are robust, but not overly complex so that officers at varying levels can keep calm and carry on sharing appropriate personal information at the right time to the right person.