Annual report 2015/16

Over the past year, our work with local places has uncovered a number of key themes that limit or enable effective information sharing, which are common to all the policy areas we have worked across, and sought to support.

Broadly speaking, our focus has been on three key areas:

  • Unlocking health and social care information
  • Developing a rich picture for early intervention
  • Supporting people back to work and growing the economy
Read more about these areas in our annual report by clicking: annual report 2015/16
Short on time?! An executive summary of our annual report is also available by clicking:  annual report (executive summary)

If you found our annual report of interest, you may also like to read our new ‘cross-cutting themes’ report:  cross cutting themes

In this years annual report we have a number of videos from information sharing advocates who we have worked with. You can watch these videos by clicking on the ‘play’ buttons below.

First up on the silver screen, we have Mary Burguieres, Lead Manager Policy and Strategic Partnerships at Surrey County Council who gave her views on the importance of information sharing to public service reform, and the projects Surrey have been involved in when information sharing has been key. Mary also discussed why she believes the role of leadership is vital to making information sharing successful.

Next, we have Mark Golledge, Programme Manager at the Local Government Association who shared his views on the role of cultural and behavioural issues in information sharing, as well as the shift in dialogue over the past few years and where he see’s the future of information sharing.

Last but not least, we have Eric Applewhite, Programme Director at Greater Manchester Connect, who talked to the Centre about devolution and the role of information sharing, as well as the key challengers and enablers to public service reform.

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