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Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs (MASH) briefing
This briefing is designed to help local places understand more about information sharing issues within the development of Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs (MASHs). It explores some of the common issues that local places have experienced in developing MASH models, and offers insights gained from the process.

Understanding the role of information sharing when developing Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs (MASHs)
As one of our funding partners, the Home Office commissioned us to design and facilitate a workshop that different MASH models from across the country would attend. The remit was to gather information sharing issues and learning from these local MASH models and uncover local needs discussed.  Prior to the workshop, we also gathered intelligence, which included visiting local places to experience their MASH arrangements in action.

This report explores the information sharing issues and insights that were identified during this work.

Leicestershire’s OneView – Multi-Agency Information Sharing (formerly MASH)
A multi-agency initiative to improve service delivery by safely and effectively sharing appropriate information about families in Leicestershire.

Multi-agency working in Bath & North East Somerset
The council is aiming to use local data more intelligently in the way services and agencies share information

Connecting Families in Bath & North East Somerset 
How improved information sharing is helping to turn around troubled families in Bath and North East Somerset

We delivered a workshop on information sharing at at a Think Family conference organised by Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES). You can learn more and read about the findings of the Troubled Families Information Sharing workshop in our latest publication. Read more about our work with B&NES here.

 Information sharing: benefits and challenges in tackling gang and youth violence
This report explores the information sharing benefits and challenges faced by local areas across the country that are working to tackle gang and youth violence.

Read more about this area of work on our policy page here

Cornwall’s Living Well Pioneer Programme
Integrated Care and Support Pioneers are exploring new ways to integrate services.

Read more about our work with Cornwall here

South Devon & Torbay: Information Sharing Toolkit
South Devon and Torbay have developed a series of practical tools to give staff a robust framework for sharing information.

Read more about our work in South Devon and Torbay here

Integrating health and social care: the Hampshire Health Record
A local electronic health and social care record which helps underpin better clinical decision-making. It can also be used to analyse the needs of service user groups.

Improving the crisis response for people with mental health problems in Surrey 
As part of their transformation work, partners in Surrey are seeking to improve the public service response to crisis situations for people with mental health issues

Safe Havens in Surrey
Surrey is transforming how it responds to people in mental health crisis

Joining forces – supporting people with mental ill health in Leicestershire
Leicestershire services are working closely together to share information

Read more about our work with Surrey here.
Read more about Leicestershire here.

Developing a better privacy notice
A new way of asking young people for consent for their information to be shared, in order to coordinate the services offered to them, using the the principles (PDF) developed by the IISaM project.

The importance of good governance in information sharing
A review of existing partnership arrangements to help enable the agreement and implementation of actions to meet the challenges of working together and sharing information.

Information Sharing to Tackle Violence (ISTV)
Sharing non-personally identifiable information to decide how best to tackle violence, as pioneered in Cardiff.

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