Information sharing to improve public services in Leicestershire

Leicestershire County Council led a project to develop a multi-agency information sharing hub.

Now known as OneView – Multi Agency Information Sharing (formerly the MASH), the service consists of a co-located team which accesses source systems and pulls relevant information together on individual families, such as who the family members are and which agencies are already working with them. A coherent picture is then provided to practitioners who work directly with that family.

Liz Clark, Assistant Director for Information and Technology at Leicestershire County Council, provides an overview of OneView – Multi Agency Information Sharing (formerly the MASH) in the video above.

Visit OneView – Multi Agency Information Sharing to access:

  • An information leaflet provided to service users so that they are aware of how their data is used and what they can do if they have any queries.
  • An example summary of what users can expect when a request for information is made.

OneView process overview diagramOther resources for your information:

How do you resolve the differing approaches to consent and legislation taken by agencies working in partnership?  

The story of how the Leicestershire approached that issue:
Consent case study (PDF)

Prior to the implementation of the pilot phase, the project team undertook a privacy impact assessment (PIA) and information security risk assessment. The PIA has been revised as the service has moved into a new stage, but the initial assessment is reproduced here:
Pilot phase privacy impact assessment (PDF)

Leicestershire County Council developed an interactive e-form which prompts respondents to think about the questions that should be considered as part of an assessment. Where a respondent answers yes to a question, they are prompted to provide further information. That information is then captured in greater detail, with mitigation, in the information security risk assessment.