Information sharing journey: IISaM project

The Improving Information Sharing and Management (IISaM) project team used a six stage process to describe the journey that partners go through when they want to share information.

The information sharing journey toolkit is structured to support each of the stages, providing activities and guidance along the way. There are also stories and case studies which describe more about local areas that have already been through the process.

Information sharing might be driving the initiative, “wouldn’t it be good if we could…?”, or it might be supporting a wider programme of service transformation. It could also be a regular part of the business planning or service planning process.

Regardless of the situation, the toolkit includes materials that will be useful across the board.

Although the graphic suggests a linear process, you will probably cycle through the stages before implementing, refining, adjusting and developing. Once your initiative is in place, it is also likely that you will be asked to review progress in order to begin planning the second phase.

All of the products in the toolkit can be used without prior knowledge, however they do provide guidance about what needs to be in place first, so you may find you have to work backwards in order to go forwards. Alternatively, you could just dip in and out!

How to introduce the information sharing journey

The IISaM team ran a number of activities and training sessions to introduce and explore the idea of the information sharing journey, and to demonstrate how the tools on this site can be used.

An example of a training session conducted for Leicestershire County Council’s Strategic Information and Technology Team is detailed below.

Information sharing journey training session agenda (PDF)

Aims of the day:

  • Provide an overview of the toolkit and the underlying conceptual approach (the information sharing journey)
  • Provide in-depth session(s) to explore how to use some of the key materials, and ultimately embed their use in the day to day work of the teams
  • Encourage ongoing use of the tools to enable the tools to be refined

Information sharing journey training session scenario (PDF)

Information sharing journey bingo cards (PDF)

Information sharing journey stage examples (PDF)