How do we discover what our information requirements are?

What information do you need to share and where is it?

The information requirements for any project need to be discussed and identified to ensure that the correct information is gathered or collected from the most appropriate source. The earlier this can be done, the better as it will form the basis of the search for legal gateways to information sharing, as well as the development of information sharing protocols and agreements. It will also form the design of information gathering tools for use throughout the project and the later measurement of the success, or otherwise, of the project.

Discovering information requirements can be done most effectively by:

  1. Understanding the purpose of the overall project, including specific goals
    Building trust and a shared vision
  2. Identifying and understanding stakeholders
    Beneficiaries model for project stakeholders (PDF)
  3. Identifying the best sources of information
    Finding the information
  4. Documenting the information requirements
    Information requirements catalogue – template (DOC)

Once these stages have been completed and the information requirements catalogue is available, the quality of the information should be assessed to ensure that it is fit for purpose.