Documenting the information requirements

Information Requirements Catalogue

This catalogue will contain detailed information about each information requirement to enable further work on producing legal justifications for sharing and information sharing protocols and agreements to be developed.

It will detail all the information to be collected and shared in order to achieve the project goals.

It is often the case that even with the most comprehensive methods to discover the information requirements of a project, other requirements will emerge during the project.  The Information requirements catalogue should be updated to reflect any changes and the legal gateways, information sharing protocols and agreements revised as necessary.

An Information Requirements Catalogue should contain the following information

ID Unique identifier for the information
Title A one line title for the information
Source The owner of the information, name of database or spreadsheet and variable name where appropriate, information gathering process, name of contact
SME The person who can provide expertise and advice about the information requirement.  This person should decide if the information is complete and correct
Priority Priority assigned to the requirement by the stakeholders
Feasibility A rating of the difficulty in accessing the information
Description A full description of the information
Legal gateways Details of the legislation used to support the sharing or collection of the information including whether consent from the data subject has been requested
Related information Cross-reference to other associated information requirements
Relevant protocols and agreements Details of any relevant information sharing protocols and agreements relating to the sharing of this information within the context of this project including any data controller/processor agreements restricting the use and processing of the information
Acceptance criteria Measures that will determine if the requirement has been met including information quality standards
Project Goal The project goal that the information supports
Risks Any risks associated with holding and sharing the information
Monitoring How will the gathering of this information be monitored