Show great heart and the rest will come….

My daughter has just restarted karate training and is getting knocked down…..a lot!  She was due for an assessment and didn’t think she was ready as she couldn’t remember all the combinations and other technical stuff.  Her Sensei said

“You show great heart, you get knocked down and you get up and try again, that is the most important thing.  The rest will come with time and practice”.

This is so like information sharing, we keep asking if people will share information with us and they keep knocking us back.  “We need your legal justification in writing”, “You need to get consent”, “That’s the wrong consent form”, “Your email address isn’t secure”, “We don’t trust what you will do with the information once you have it”, and so it goes on…..

To be clear, these are all important things that need sorting out but it can seem like the world of information sharing is full of barriers and some times it is easier to give up after you have been knocked back but it is well worth the effort to keep trying. 

Keep your goal in mind be it better services for children and families, better value for money, improved outcomes or any number of other positive and valuable reasons for sharing information and communicate that goal to your partners with passion and belief.  Listen to your partners and try to understand their culture and processes, build up the trust and understanding that may be lacking and push forward.

Above all learn from the process so that it will be easier next time and you will present your partners with less opportunities to knock you back and more opportunities to say yes…….show great heart and the rest will come…..