The Monkey Forest in Staffordshire????

Blog by John Curtis, IISaM Project Manager

Well yesterday I was on my way to the national information forum for the fire and rescue service when Anne Hopwood and I noticed the monkey forest.

I kept thinking surely not monkeys….. Maybe a wide selection of monkey trees ????   

It made me think of all the terms and abbreviations   we sometimes use around information governance such as PIA, ISP, ISA,  DP, data controller, data processor, … And all those “interpretations” of the law and what they mean in the context of information sharing….. And then understanding of the data once legitimately and securely received.  

Anyway if your reading this blog don’t worry just remember you have the toolkit to hand 24/7.  

Anne and I arrived at the forum meeting (I will say more in another blog) and one thing stuck out ….

fire service photoA pop up banner which hopefully again reiterates the value and importance of data….

By the way the monkey forest….. it does have monkey’s!