August 2018

The Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing is not open at the moment.  On this website, you will find the many published resources that the talented staff of the Centre have produced over the last four years supporting the public sector in overcoming information sharing challenges. 

We sadly said goodbye to our team at the end of June.

I continue to look at how we can make best use of these resources, and drive forward further important work on information sharing.  I am passionate about the impact effective information sharing has on outcomes for public service users, and have seen this first hand over the past four years.

I would like to thank all organisations who have engaged with our work to date, and particularly our academic panel, and convey our gratitude to our amazing team whose passion and creativity has helped us to achieve so much in such a short time.

If you would like to continue to hear from us, and so we are compliant with GDPR, please re-register to our newsletter distribution list, and I will let you know of any further developments in this area of work.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Curtis
Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing