The Living Well Pioneer Programme in Cornwall has made progress in supporting people its local people to remain independent and out of hospital. The information sharing and cultural change elements of this programme are about involving local residents in conversations to build trust and relationships. To help with this two-way information exchange an on-line depository has been set up to share stories and information to support the programme and show how Living Well is about people, place and purpose. The Pioneer Programme is changing the way people and services think about health and social care, by changing practices and ultimately changing lives. You can learn more at

The Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing has been working with a number of key partners including health and social care providers, the voluntary and community sector and local authorities to support the exchange of information and to break down barriers to sharing information. The Centre is supporting these meetings and conversations and this has resulted in improved relationships and improved health outcomes for the citizens of Cornwall.

The Centre is also supporting some of the next stages of service transformation and removing information sharing barriers by supporting a peer led GP workshop to show how GPs have overcome barriers to information sharing and show other GPs how this has helped support local people with health issues. Initial concerns have been raised about information sharing and there has been, in some instances, reluctance and hesitance to share information that can often be sensitive and confidential in nature. By providing reassurance that this information will be shared confidentially and only with relevant partners is an important element to the workshop and the Centre will be supporting discussions in this workshop to continue to support service transformation for the benefits of people across Cornwall.

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