Updating our page on information governance

The chances are you are reading this page because at some point over the past seven days you have either heard, experienced, or exclaimed about one or more of the following:

  • ‘x’ refuses to share with ‘y’ because they can’t agree on information governance issues in general;
  • you have been presented with yet another information sharing agreement, and you have been asked to verify that it is legal, it’s correct, and if you are going to sign to take responsibility for it; or
  • the lead of the big new programme has pulled you in to fix an information sharing problem – that could have been avoided if they’d talked to you sooner.

You are not alone. Although the focus of our organisation is directed towards solving the cultural and behavioural problems that make sharing information difficult, we receive a lot of visits to our information governance and information sharing agreement pages. We believe that placing governance around information and data acknowledges its value as an asset, and makes sure it is looked after and used wisely.  So, why is it that information governance is often at the margins of important projects? Why isn’t it integral to how public organisations work?Based on our learning over the past few years, and in light of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) being implemented in 2018, we felt that now is a good time to pause, reflect and develop new content for these pages.

With this in mind, we’ve recently done a survey to see what it is that you want advice on; the results of this are currently being analysed and we’ll be updating these pages shortly.

The rest of our site is still up and running and is full of information sharing resources – so make sure you have a look while you are here.


The Centre team.