Roles, legalities, governance, agreements and consent

Although we are all about the cultural aspects of information sharing, we recognise the importance of having all the other aspects in place needed to share information. This page is therefore a look at these other areas which we have come up against in the local and national places we have worked with. However we are by no means the experts on this side of information sharing, so if you can't find the answer to your query we recommend you contact the Information Commissioner's Office (the UK's independent body set up to uphold information rights) or the Information Governance Alliance (the authoritative source of advice and guidance about the rules on using and sharing information in health and care) who should be able to help.

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  • Data controllers and data processors (roles and responsibilities)
  • Finding the information (information audit)
  • What information do you need to share and where is it?
  • How do you decide the legal basis for sharing?
  • Deciding to share aggregate or anonymised data

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  • How do you identify and assess the risks and benefits of sharing information?
  • How do you identify and assess risks to privacy? (Privacy Impact Assessments)
  • How do you agree an information sharing protocol?
  • Writing your privacy notice or consent statement
  • Recording information sharing decisions

You can also read more about how to agree and implement an information sharing protocol (ISP) and an information sharing agreement (ISA).